Thursday, August 23, 2007

Controlling God

One incident which sticks out in my mind from my time away this past week is a conversation I had with a woman of Christian fundamentalist persuasion. During our conversation she said that she believes there is a place in each of us that God wants to occupy, if we will only let Him. I find that quite interesting. I asked her to elaborate a little. She really wasn't able to, but she did ask me if I didn't believe the same, bearing in mind that I claim to be a Christian as well.

She was quite shocked when I said, "No!" And she was visibly upset when I asked her if she believed that she had the power to decide where God could, or could not, go. She said that I obviously did not understand, but that she respected my view. Therefore, why could I not respect hers?

Of course, she was correct. I did not understand. I guess I never will. Sigh...


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