Monday, September 7, 2009

What is your purpose in life?

I strongly believe we were put here, on this beautiful, bountiful planet, for a very good reason. I believe we are here to live all the life we are capable of living! That’s right, ALL the life we are CAPABLE of living.

How do you know if you are?

There is one simple, acid test which you can use to find out.

If you have dreams of a better life, if you have a desire for more of anything which you think will make your life better than it now is, that is an indication that you are not living up to your potential. That is the signal from deep inside you that you are truly capable of living more. Whether it is a fuller life you desire, more money you need, love you don’t have, or whatever else it may be, your inner mind is telling you there is something deep inside you that needs fuller expression. You are not living all the life you are capable of living.

And without a chosen purpose in life, you never will.

Why are you here?

You are here to live all the life you are capable of living, and to live it with zest and joyfulness, and in accordance with your chosen purpose. And when you do you not only make this world a better place, the entire Universe experiences increase.

So, if you need help in fulfilling your dreams, you will find a visit to The Life Abundant and to About Samantha well worth while.