Thursday, October 16, 2008

Individual coaching from Bob Proctor

Have I got news for you!

Several months ago I accepted an invitation from Bob Proctor, multi-millionaire and one of the world’s leading motivational speakers, to experience one-on-one individual coaching. Each daily session was a mere six minutes long, at a cost of less than $10.00 a week! This from a man who gets $12,000.00 from each person who attends a similar weekend seminar. Well, at first I was a bit sceptical, but he offered to coach me free for the first week, with a chance to back out at the end of that week. What did I have to lose?

What did I have to lose? I’ll tell you what I had to lose. Had I not accepted his offer, I would be $10,000.00 poorer right now! That’s right, $10,000.00. Let me explain.

At the very first six minute session I was asked to write down a goal to be achieved in 90 days. I put down that I would receive $10,000.00 in extra income from MSIs.

Well guess what? Ta da!!!!

So, ask me, will I do it again? You bet. Only the next time I won’t be setting my sights so low! On that you can bet your last dollar!

Oh, and what’s an "MSI" ? Well you’ll have to let Bob Proctor tell you that.

For the full scoop go to my web site and click on the banner, "The Most Incredible Six Minutes Of Your Life" which you will find near the bottom of the opening page. I guarantee, you won't be sorry.

The Life Abundant awaits you!

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