Monday, September 3, 2007

Read a Good Book

This morning I received an email in which Earl Nightingale, of the Nightingale, Conant Corporation, was quoted as saying, “In one of the Monthly Letters from the Royal Bank of Canada it was pointed out that reading good books is not something to be indulged in as a luxury. It is a necessity for anyone who intends to give his life and work a touch of quality. The most real wealth is not what we put into our piggy banks but what we develop in our heads. Books instruct us without anger, threats and harsh discipline. They do not sneer at our ignorance or grumble at our mistakes. They ask only that we spend some time in the company of greatness so that we may absorb some of its attributes.

You do not read a book for the book's sake, but for your own.”

I must admit a leaning towards non-fiction, although I do occasionally read a novel, or science fiction work for enjoyment. Although fiction provides a brief respite from our daily world of reality, most of it, and especially that genre referred to as pulp fiction, does little to broaden the mind. I believe that we learn more from reading good books over a lifetime than any school or university can give us in the few short years we spend there.

I find the worlds of spirituality and quantum physics fascinating. And the more I read about them the more they seem to merge into sameness. Books by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, and Esther and Jerry Hicks are quite fascinating and thought provoking. Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, makes one take a completely different approach to life, and Wallace D. Wattles’ book, The Science of Getting Rich, deals more with ethics and spirituality than the title would lead the reader to believe. Presently I am reading John Maddox’s book, What Remains to be Discovered, and I am fast coming to the conclusion that the answer is, “almost everything.”

So, do yourself a favour. Read a good book. Start now.


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