Saturday, September 15, 2007

Caution or indecision?

This morning I received what was supposed to be an inspirational message. The quote, from Luc De Clapiers, 1715-1747, Essayist, was "Action makes more fortune than caution."

My first reaction to that was a big, fat, "Duh!" I find it difficult to imagine how one can make a fortune by doing nothing. Then I re-read it. The second time I saw 'the truth' in the statement. It was 'action' versus 'caution.' The expression which immediately comes to mind is, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." But how does this relate to making a fortune?

Again, I can't imagine anyone making a fortune through inaction, save in 'holding' a plummeting stock which suddenly rises beyond expectation. But isn't even that an 'action'? I think that the word 'indecision' should have been used rather than caution. Then the sentence would read, "Action makes more fortune than indecision." To me that makes a lot more sense. The way I see it, indecision is what keeps most people from attaining their goals, not caution.

Indecision stems from a lack of knowledge. Without adquate knowledge it is difficult to make what one would deem the proper decision, leading to the proper action. And yet, that is what leaders are asked to do, time and again. Adequate knowledge is not always available at the 'moment of truth.' It is at times like those that leaders rise. It is at times like those that one needs to rely on 'gut feel.' And, I have come to believe that the feeling one gets in those circumstances is God-given. It is at such times that caution needs to be 'thrown to the winds' and action needs to be taken.

So, in the final analysis, I have to agree. Action makes more fortune than caution.

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